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     The  "LWing" , "L-Foil"

The "LWing" 

Our lightwind machine  ... The  "Lwing". 

The "Lwing" is a wing "embedded" on the mast of the foil and helps the whole system to "take off"  (earlier than a conventional foil) when the wind is low ( from  5 .. 6 kts). 

No need pumping !! ( Additional pumping helps more !!! ) 

The embedded wing  in combination with the main front wing produces the required lift  for early planning and take off. 

When the system reaches a high point , the rider starts foiling  firstly with the gravity without the contribution of the embedded wing. When reaches a speed above critical (meaning ...  above "the stalling speed") can continue to foil on a normal way. 

During foiling the embedded wing does not contributes . It is out of the water !!! 


It is so cool !!! Try it !!

(Jibing :  During the jibe , the system can be easily controllable even if the embedded wing dives below the sea level. )


(For best results , the mast need to be more than  80 .. 85cm . (Our Aluminum mast : 88cm))

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