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  Windsurf  Fins    
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In the world of windsurfing, where precision and innovation are of prime importance, a new product has lauched and is going to revolutionize what we know so far in the world of windsurfing fins.

Delta SLR Team Project having the knowledge and experience along with a 17 year archive of fins and in the development of competitive carbon fin and slalom boats join forces with Zeusfoils. 

As Zeusfoils we are known in the world of windsurfing for our design ideas, expertise, cutting-edge technology, our knowledge on composite materials and the quality of our products.

Our products are made using the best materials as the high standards require.

A shared vision :  Beyond your limits!!!

FB :   Delta SLR  fins  

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Slalom - Racing  Carbon Fins 

Discipline :  Slalom - Race    

Sizes :  30 to 46   

Material : Prepreg Carbon

Head  :  Tuttle or Deep Tuttle    

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